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The Ecclesiazusae   

utmost height, you who, alone out of thirty thousand citizens have not
yet dined.
Aye, here is undoubtedly a truly happy man.
Where are you off to?
I am going to dine.
By Aphrodite, you will be the last of all, far and away the
last. Yet my mistress has bidden me take you and take with you these
young girls. Some Chian wine is left and lots of other good things.
Therefore hurry, and invite likewise all the spectators whom we have
pleased, and such of the judges as are not against us, to follow us;
we will offer them everything they can desire.
Generously invite everyone and omit no one, old or young. Dinner
is ready for all; they need only go home. As for me, I shall go to the
banquet with the customary torch in my hand.
But why do you tarry, Blepyrus? Take these young girls with you
and, while you are away a while, I will whet my appetite with some
I have but a few words to say: let the wise judge me because of
what, ever is wise in this piece, and those who like a laugh by
whatever has made them laugh. In this way I address pretty well
everyone. If the lot has assigned my comedy to be played first of all,
don't let that be a disadvantage to me; engrave in your memory all
that shall have pleased you in it and judge the competitors
equitably as you have bound yourselves by oath to do. Don't act like
vile courtesans, who never remember any but their last lover.
It is time, friends, high time to go to the banquet, if we want to
have our share of it. Open your ranks and let the Cretan rhythms
regulate your dances.
That's what I am doing.
And you others, let your light steps too keep time. Very soon we'll
be eating lepadotema choselackogaleokrani
oleipsanodrimypotrimmatosil phiotyromelitokatake
chymenokicklepikossyphopkat toperisteralektryonoptokeph
aliokinklopeleiolagoiosiral obaphetragalopter ygdn. Come, quickly,
seize hold of a plate, snatch up a cup, and let's run to secure a
place at table. The rest will have their jaws at work by this time.
CHORUS (as they depart, dancing, with BLEPYRUS leading them)
Dance gaily! Iai! Iai! We shall dine! Euoi! Euai! Euai! As for a
triumph! Euoi! Euoi Euai! Euai!


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