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The Frogs   

But weren't you frightened at those dreadful threats
And shoutings?
Frightened? Not a bit. I cared not.
Come then, if you're so very brave a man,
Will you be I, and take the hero's club
And lion's skin, since you're so monstrous plucky?
And I'll be now the slave, and bear the luggage.
Hand them across. I cannot choose but take them.
And now observe the Xanthio-heracles
If I'm a coward and a sneak like you.
Nay, you're the rogue from Melite's own self.
And I'll pick up and carry on the traps.
Enter a MAID-SERVANT of Persephone, from the door.
O welcome, Heracles! come in, sweetheart.
My Lidy, when they told her, set to work,
Baked mighty loaves, boiled two or three tureens
Of lentil soup, roasted a prime ox whole,
Made rolls and honey-cakes. So come along.
XANTHIAS (declining)
You are too kind.
I will not let you go.
I will not let you! Why, she's stewing slices
Of juicy bird's-flesh, and she's making comfits,
And tempering down her richest wine. Come, dear,
Come along in.
XANTHIAS (still declining)
Pray thank her.
O you're jesting,
I shall not let you off: there's such a lovely
Flute-girl all ready, and we've two or three
Dancing-girls also.
Eh! what! Dancing-girls?
Young budding virgins, freshly tired and trimmed.
Come, dear, come in. The cook was dishing up
The cutlets, and they are bringing in the tables.
Then go you in, and tell those dancing-girls
Of whom you spake, I'm coming in Myself.
Exit MAID.
Pick up the traps, my lad, and follow me.
Hi! stop! you're not in earnest, just because
I dressed you up, in fun, as Heracles?
Come, don't keep fooling, Xanthias, but lift
And carry in the traps yourself
You are never going to strip me of these togs
You gave me!
Going to? No, I'm doing it now.
off with that lion-skin.
Bear witness all,
The gods shall judge between us.
Gods, indeed!

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