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The Knights   

Oh! I am happy indeed to find myself as I was of old!
Aye, you will deem yourself happy, when I have handed you the
truce of thirty years. Truce! step forward!
(Enter Truce, in the form of a beautiful young girl, magnificently

Great gods! how charming she is! Can I do with her as I wish?
where did you discover her, pray?
That Paphlagonian had kept her locked up in his house, so that you
might not enjoy her. As for myself, I give her to you; take her with
you into the country.
And what punishment will you inflict upon this Paphlagonian, the
cause of all my troubles?
It will not be over-terrible. I condemn him to follow my old
trade, posted near the gates, he must sell sausages of asses' and
dogs' meat: perpetually drunk, he will exchange foul language with
prostitutes and will drink nothing but the dirty water from the baths.
Well conceived! he is indeed fit to wrangle with harlots and
bathmen; as for you, in return for so many blessings, I invite you
to take the place at the Prytaneum which this rogue once occupied. Put
on his frog-green mantle and follow me. As for the other, let them
take him away; let him go sell his sausages in full view of the
foreigners, whom he used formerly to insult so wantonly.


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