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scorch the shepherd of Aetna; twirl the brand and drag it round and
be careful lest in his agony he treat thee to some wantonness.
CYCLOPS (bellowing in the cave) Oh! oh! my once bright eye is burnt
to cinders now.
LEADER OF THE CHORUS Sweet indeed the triumph-song; pray sing it
to us, Cyclops.
CYCLOPS (from within) Oh! oh! once more; what outrage on me and
what ruin! But never shall ye escape this rocky cave unpunished, ye
worthless creatures; for will stand in the entrance of the cleft and
fit my hands into it thus. (Staggering to the entrance)
LEADER Why dost thou cry out, Cyclops?
CYCLOPS I am undone.
LEADER Thou art indeed a sorry sight.
CYCLOPS Aye, and a sad one, too.
LEADER Didst fall among the coals in a drunken fit?
CYCLOPS Noman has undone me,
LEADER Then there is no one hurting thee after all.
CYCLOPS Noman is blinding me.
LEADER Then art thou not blind.
CYCLOPS As blind as thou, forsooth.
LEADER How, pray, could no man have made thee blind?
CYCLOPS Thou mockest me; but where is this Noman?
LEADER Nowhere, Cyclops.
CYCLOPS It was the stranger, vile wretch! who proved my ruin, that
thou mayst understand rightly, by swilling me with the liquor he gave
LEADER Ah! wine is a terrible foe, hard to wrestle with.
CYCLOPS Tell me, I adjure thee, have they escaped or are they still
within? (During the following lines, ODYSSEUS and his men slip by
the CYCLOPS, despite his efforts to stop them.)

LEADER Here they are ranged in silence, taking the rock to screen
CYCLOPS On which side?
LEADER On thy right.
LEADER Close against the rock. Hast caught them?
CYCLOPS Trouble on trouble! I have run my skull against the rock
and cracked it
LEADER Aye, and they are escaping thee.
CYCLOPS This way, was it not? 'Twas this way thou saidst.
LEADER No, not this way.
CYCLOPS Which then?
LEADER They are getting round thee on the left.
CYCLOPS Alas! I am being mocked; ye jeer me in my evil plight.
LEADER They are no longer there; but facing thee that stranger stands.
CYCLOPS Master of villainy, where, oh! where art thou?
ODYSSEUS Some way from thee I am keeping careful guard over the person
of Odysseus.
CYCLOPS What, a new name! hast changed thine?
ODYSSEUS Yes, Odysseus, the name my father gave me. But thou wert
doomed to pay for thy unholy feast; for I should have seen Troy burned
to but sorry purpose, unless I had avenged on thee the slaughter of
my comrades.
CYCLOPS Woe is me! 'tis an old oracle coming true; yes, it said I
should have my eye put out by thee on thy way home from Troy; but
it likewise foretold that thou wouldst surely pay for this, tossing
on the sea for many day.
ODYSSEUS Go hang! E'en as I say, so have I done. And now will I get
me to the beach and start my hollow ship across the sea of Sicily
to the land of my fathers.
CYCLOPS Thou shalt not; I will break a boulder off this rock and
crush thee, crew and all, beneath my throw. Blind though I be, I will
climb the hill, mounting through yonder tunnel.
LEADER As for us, henceforth will we be the servants of Bacchus,

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