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the wrath of Cypris shall not, at her will, fall on thee unrequited,
because thout hadst a noble righteous soul. For I with mine own hand
will with these unerring shafts avenge me on another, who is her votary,
dearest to her of all the sons of men. And to thee, poor sufferer,
for thy anguish now will grant high honours in the city of Troezen;
for thee shall maids unwed before their marriage cut off their hair,
thy harvest through the long roll of time of countless bitter tears.
Yea, and for ever shall the virgin choir hymn thy sad memory, nor
shall Phaedra's love for thee fall into oblivion and pass away unnoticed.
But thou, O son of old Aegeus, take thy son in thine arms, draw him
close to thee, for unwittingly thou slewest him, and men may well
commit an error when gods put it in their way. And thee Hippolytus,
I admonish; hate not thy sire, for in this death thou dost but meet
thy destined fate. And now farewell! 'tis not for me to gaze upon
the dead, or pollute my sight with death-scenes, and e'en now I see
thee nigh that evil. (ARTEMIS vanishes.)
HIPPOLYTUS Farewell, blest virgin queen! leave me now! Easily thou
resignest our long friendship! I am reconciled with my father at thy
desire, yea, for ever before I would obey thy bidding. Ah me! the
darkness is settling even now upon my eyes. Take me, father, in thy
arms, lift me up.
THESEUS Woe is me, my son! what art thou doing to me thy hapless
HIPPOLYTUS I am a broken man; yes, I see the gates that close upon
the dead.
THESEUS Canst leave me thus with murder on my soul!
HIPPOLYTUS No, no; I set thee free from this bloodguiltiness.
THESEUS What sayest thou? dost absolve me from bloodshed?
HIPPOLYTUS Artemis, the archer-queen, is my witness that I do.
THESEUS My own dear child, how generous dost thou show thyself to
thy father!
HIPPOLYTUS Farewell, dear father! a long farewell to thee!
THESEUS O that holy, noble soul of thine!
HIPPOLYTUS Pray to have children such as me born in lawful wedlock.
THESEUS O leave me not, my son; endure awhile.
HIPPOLYTUS 'Tis finished, my endurance; I die, father; quickly veil
my face with a mantle.
THESEUS O glorious Athens, realm of Pallas, what a splendid hero
ye have lost! Ah me, ah me! How oft shall I remember thy evil works,
P Cypris!
CHORUS (singing) On all our citizens hath come this universal sorrow,
unforeseen. Now shall the copious tear gush forth, for sad news about
great men takes more than usual hold upon the heart.

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