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Works by Hippocrates
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Of The Epidemics   

was seized with fever. He had pain in the head, neck, and loins from

the beginning, and immediately afterwards deafness; no sleep, acute

fever, hypochondria elevated with a swelling, but not much distention;

tongue dry. On the fourth, towards night, he became delirious. On

the fifth, in an uneasy state. On the sixth, all the symptoms

exacerbated. About the eleventh a slight remission; from the

commencement to the fourteenth day the alvine discharges thin,

copious, and of the color of water, but were well supported; the

bowels then became constipated. Urine throughout thin, and well

colored, and had many substances scattered through it, but no

sediment. About the sixteenth, urine somewhat thicker, which had a

slight sediment; somewhat better, and more collected. On the

seventeenth, urine again thin; swellings about both his ears, with

pain; no sleep, some incoherence; legs painfully affected. On the

twentieth, free of fever, had a crisis, no sweat, perfectly collected.

About the twenty-seventh, violent pain of the right hip; it speedily

went off. The swellings about the ears subsided, and did not

suppurate, but were painful. About the thirty-first, a diarrhea

attended with a copious discharge of watery matter, and symptoms of

dysentery; passed thick urine; swellings about the ears gone. About

the fortieth day, had pain in the right eye, sight dull. It went away.

CASE XI. The wife of Dromeades having been delivered of a female

child, and all other matters going on properly, on the second day

after was seized with rigor and acute fever. Began to have pain

about the hypochondrium on the first day; had nausea and

incoherence, and for some hours afterwards had no sleep; respiration

rare, large, and suddenly interrupted. On the day following that on

which she had the rigor, alvine discharges proper; urine thick, white,

muddy, like urine which has been shaken after standing for some

time, until the sediment had fallen to the bottom; it had no sediment;

she did not sleep during the night. On the third day, about noon,

had a rigor, acute fever; urine the same; pain of the hypochondria,

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