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Of The Epidemics   

Explanation of the characters. It is probable that the cause of

death on the sixth day was the suppression of the discharges.

CASE V. The young man who was lodged by the Liars' Market was seized

with fever from fatigue, labor, and running out of season. On the

first day, the bowels disordered, with bilious, thin, and copious

dejections; urine thin and blackish; had no sleep; was thirsty. On the

second all the symptoms were exacerbated; dejections more copious

and unseasonable; he had no sleep; disorder of the intellect; slight

sweat. On the third day, restless, thirst, nausea, much tossing about,

bewilderment, delirium; extremities livid and cold; softish distention

of the hypochondrium on both sides. On the fourth, did not sleep;

still worse. On the seventh he died. He was about twenty years of age.

Explanation of the characters. It is probable that the cause of

his death on the seventh day was the unseasonable practices

mentioned above. An acute affection.

CASE VI. The woman who lodged at the house of Tisamenas had a

troublesome attack of iliac passion, much vomiting; could not keep her

drink; pains about the hypochondria, and pains also in the lower

part of the belly; constant tormina; not thirsty; became hot;

extremities cold throughout, with nausea and insomnolency; urine

scanty and thin; dejections undigested, thin, scanty. Nothing could do

her any good. She died.

CASE VII. A woman of Pantimides, from a miscarriage, was taken ill

of fever. On the first day, tongue dry, thirst, nausea,

insomnolency, belly disordered, with thin, copious, undigested

dejections. On the second day, had a rigor, acute fever; alvine

discharges copious; had no sleep. On the third, pains greater. On

the fourth, delirious. On the seventh she died. Belly throughout

loose, with copious, thin, undigested evacuations; urine scanty, thin.

An ardent fever.

CASE VIII. Another woman, after a miscarriage about the fifth month,

the wife of Ocetes, was seized with fever. At first had sometimes coma

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