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Works by Hippocrates
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Of The Epidemics   

and on the following days he passed many watery stools of a green

color; urine thin, scanty, and deficient in color; respiration rare,

large, at long intervals; softish distention of the hypochondrium,

of an oblong form, on both sides; continued palpitation in the

epigastric region throughout; passed urine of an oily appearance. On

the tenth, he had calm delirium, for he was naturally of an orderly

and quiet disposition; skin parched and tense; dejections either

copious and thin, or bilious and fatty. On the fourteenth, all the

symptoms were exacerbated; he became delirious, and talked much

incoherently. On the twentieth, wild delirium, On the twentieth,

wild delirium, jactitation, passed no urine; small drinks were

retained. On the twenty-fourth he died. Phrenitis.


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