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On Ancient Medicine   

There are both within and without the body many other kinds of structure,
which differ much from one another as to sufferings both in health
and disease; such as whether the head be small or large; the neck
slender or thick, long or short; the belly long or round; the chest
and ribs broad or narrow; and many others besides, all which you ought
to be acquainted with, and their differences; so that knowing the
causes of each, you may make the more accurate observations.

And, as has been formerly stated, one ought to be acquainted with
the powers of juices, and what action each of them has upon man, and
their alliances towards one another. What I say is this: if a sweet
juice change to another kind, not from any admixture, but because
it has undergone a mutation within itself; what does it first become?-
bitter? salt? austere? or acid? I think acid. And hence, an acid juice
is the most improper of all things that can be administered in cases
in which a sweet juice is the most proper. Thus, if one should succeed
in his investigations of external things, he would be the better able
always to select the best; for that is best which is farthest removed
from that which is unwholesome.


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