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On Fistulae   

But if it be inflamed, having boiled in water the root of me ivy,
finely powdered, and mixing the finest flour, and stirring it up with
white wine, apply as a cataplasm, and mix up some fat with these things.
Another:-Take the root of the mandrake, especially the green (fresh)
root, but otherwise the dried, and having cleaned the green root and
cut it down, boil in diluted wine, and apply as a cataplasm; but the
dry may be pounded and applied as a cataplasm in the manner. Another:-Having
bruised the inner part of a ripe cucumber to a soft state, apply as
a cataplasm.


If there be pain without inflammation, having roasted red natron,
and pounded it to a fine powder, and added alum and roasted salts,
finely triturated, mix together in equal proportions; then having
mixed it up with the best pitch and spread upon a rag, apply, and
bind. Another:-Having pounded the green leaves of capers, put into
a bag and bind on the part; and when it appears to burn, take it away
and apply it afterward; or, if you have not the leaves of capers,
pound the rind of its roots, and having mixed it up with dark-colored
wine, bind on the part in the same manner. This is a good application
also for pains of the spleen. Of these poultices, those which are
cooling, stop the discharge; those which are emollient and heating,
discuss; and those which are attractive, dry up and attenuate. This
disease is formed when bile and phlegm become seated in the parts.
When the anus is inflamed, it should be anointed with the ointment,
the ingredients of which are resin, oil, wax, plumbago, and suet,
these being all melted and applied quite hot as a cataplasm.


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