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On Ulcers   

it appear to have attained the proper consistence. Another:-The other
things are to be the same; but, not withstanding, instead of the wine,
use the strongest white vinegar, and dip into it wool as greasy as
can be procured, and then, moistening it with the lees of oil, boil,
and pour in the juice of the wild fig-tree, and add Melian alum, and
natron, and the flowers of copper, both toasted. This cleanses the
ulcers better than the former, but the other is no less desiccant.
Another:-Dip the wool in a very little water; and then, having added
a third part of wine, boil until it attain the proper consistence.
By these, recent ulcers are most speedily prevented from getting into
a state of suppuration.


Another:-Sprinkle on it dried wakerobin, and add the green bark of
the fig-tree, pounding it in the juice: do this with or without wine,
and along with honey. Another:-Boiling the shavings of lotus with
vinegar (the vinegar should be white); then mix the lees of oil and
raw tar-water, and use it as a liniment or wash, and bandage above.
These things in powder prevent recent wounds from suppurating, or
they may be used for cleansing the sore along with vinegar, or for
sponging with wine.


Another:-Sprinkle (on the sore?) lead finely triturated with the recrement
of copper; and sprinkle on it, also, the shavings of lotus, and the
scales of copper, and alum, and chalcitis, with copper, both alone,
and with the shavings of lotus. And otherwise, when it is wanted to
use these in a dry state, do it with the Illyrian spodos triturated
with the shavings, and with the shavings alone. And the flowers of
silver alone, in the finest powder; and birthwort, when scraped and
finely pounded, may be sprinkled on the part. Another, for bloody
sores myrrh, frankincense, galls, verdigris the roasted flower of
copper, Egyptian alum roasted, vine flowers, grease of wool, plumbago,
each of these things is to be diluted, in equal proportions, with
wine like the former. And there is another preparation of the same:-The
strongest vinegar of a white color, honey, Egyptian alum, the finest
natron; having toasted these things gently, pour in a little gall;
this cleanses fungous ulcers, renders them hollow, and is not pungent.
Another:-The herb with the small leaves, which gets the name of Parthenium
parviflorum, and is used for removing thymia (warts?) from the glans
penis, alum, chalcitis, a little crude Melian alum (?); sprinkle a
little dried elaterium, and a little dried pomegranate rind in like


The herb which has got the name of lagopyrus, fills up hollow and
clean ulcers; (when dried it resembles wheat; it has a small leaf
like that of the olive, and more long;) and the leaf of horehound,
with oil. Another:-The internal fatty part, resembling honey, of a
fig much dried, of water two parts, of linseed not much toasted and
finely levigated, one part. Another:-Of the dried fig, of the flower
of copper levigated a little, and the juice of the fig. The preparation
from dried fig:-The black chamaeleon, the dried gall of an ox, the
other things the same. Of the powders:-Of the slender cress in a raw
state, of horehound, of each equal parts; of the dried fig, two parts;
of linseed, two parts; the juice of the fig. When you use any of these
medicines, apply above it compresses wetted in vinegar, apply a sponge
about the compresses and make a If the surrounding parts be in an
inflamed state, apply to them any medicine which may appear suitable.

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