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But neither can the one be in anything, as we affirm.

Yes, we said so.

Then it is never in the same?

Why not?

Because if it were in the same it would be in something.


And we said that it could not be in itself, and could not be in



Then one is never in the same place?

It would seem not.

But that which is never in the same place is never quiet or at rest?


One then, as would seem, is neither rest nor in motion?

It certainly appears so.

Neither will it be the same with itself or other; nor again, other

than itself or other.

How is that?

If other than itself it would be other than one, and would not be



And if the same with other, it would be that other, and not

itself; so that upon this supposition too, it would not have the

nature of one, but would be other than one?

It would.

Then it will not be the same with other, or other than itself?

It will not.

Neither will it be other than other, while it remains one; for not

one, but only other, can be other than other, and nothing else.


Then not by virtue of being one will it be other?

Certainly not.

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