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And if all number participates in being, every part of number will

also participate?


Then being is distributed over the whole multitude of things, and

nothing that is, however small or however great, is devoid of it? And,

indeed, the very supposition of this is absurd, for how can that which

is, be devoid of being?

In no way.

And it is divided into the greatest and into the smallest, and

into being of all sizes, and is broken up more than all things; the

divisions of it have no limit.


Then it has the greatest number of parts?

Yes, the greatest number.

Is there any of these which is a part of being, and yet no part?


But if it is at all and so long as it is, it must be one, and cannot

be none?


Then the one attaches to every single part of being, and does not

fail in any part, whether great or small, or whatever may be the

size of it?


But reflect:-an one in its entirety, be in many places at the same


No; I see the impossibility of that.

And if not in its entirety, then it is divided; for it cannot be

present with all the parts of being, unless divided.


And that which has parts will be as many as the parts are?


Then we were wrong in saying just now, that being was distributed

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