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anything there will be something greater other and besides greatness

itself, namely, that in which greatness is; and this too when the

small itself is not there, which the one, if it is great, must exceed;

this, however, is impossible, seeing that smallness is wholly absent.


But absolute greatness is only greater than absolute smallness,

and smallness is only smaller than absolute greatness.

Very true.

Then other things not greater or less than the one, if they have

neither greatness nor smallness; nor have greatness or smallness any

power of exceeding or being exceeded in relation to the one, but

only in relation to one another; nor will the one be greater or less

than them or others, if it has neither greatness nor smallness.

Clearly not.

Then if the one is neither greater nor less than the others, it

cannot either exceed or be exceeded by them?

Certainly not.

And that which neither exceeds nor is exceeded, must be on an

equality; and being on an equality, must be equal.

Of course.

And this will be true also of the relation of the one to itself;

having neither greatness nor smallness in itself, it will neither

exceed nor be exceeded by itself, but will be on an equality with

and equal to itself.


Then the one will be equal to both itself and the others?

Clearly so.

And yet the one, being itself in itself, will also surround and be

without itself; and, as containing itself, will be greater than

itself; and, as contained in itself, will be less; and will thus be

greater and less than itself.

It will.

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