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Works by Plato
Pages of parmenides

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And is not time always moving forward?


Then the one is always becoming older than itself, since it moves

forward in time?


And do you remember that the older becomes older than that which

becomes younger?

I remember.

Then since the one becomes older than itself, it becomes younger

at the same time?


Thus, then, the one becomes older as well as younger than itself?


And it is older (is it not?) when in becoming, it gets to the

point of time. between "was" and "will be," which is "now": for surely

in going from the past to the future, it cannot skip the present?


And when it arrives at the present it stops from becoming older, and

no longer becomes, but is older, for if it went on it would never be

reached by the present, for it is the nature of that which goes on, to

touch both the present and the future, letting go the present and

seizing the future, while in process of becoming between them.


But that which is becoming cannot skip the present; when it

reaches the present it ceases to become, and is then whatever it may

happen to be becoming.


And so the one, when in becoming older it reaches the present,

ceases to become, and is then older.


And it is older than that than which it was becoming older, and it

was becoming older than itself.

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