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And that which is older is older than that which is younger?


Then the one is younger than itself, when in becoming older it

reaches the present?


But the present is always present with the one during all its being;

for whenever it is it is always now.


Then the one always both is and becomes older and younger than



And is it or does it become a longer time than itself or an equal

time with itself?

An equal time.

But if it becomes or is for an equal time with itself, it is of

the same age with itself?

Of course.

And that which is of the same age, is neither older nor younger?


The one, then, becoming and being the same time with itself, neither

is nor becomes older or younger than itself?

I should say not.

And what are its relations to other things? Is it or does it

become older or younger than they?

I cannot tell you.

You can at least tell me that others than the one are more than

the one-other would have been one, but the others have multitude,

and are more than one?

They will have multitude.

And a multitude implies a number larger than one?

Of course.

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