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And can you think of anything else which is between them other

than equality?

No, it is equality which lies between them.

Then that which has greatness and smallness also has equality, which

lies between them?

That is clear.

Then the one, which is not, partakes, as would appear, of

greatness and smallness and equality?


Further, it must surely in a sort partake of being?

How so?

It must be so, for if not, then we should not speak the truth in

saying that the one is not. But if we speak the truth, clearly we must

say what is. Am I not right?


And since we affirm that we speak truly, we must also affirm that we

say what is?


Then, as would appear, the one, when it is not, is; for if it were

not to be when it is not, but were to relinquish something of being,

so as to become not-being, it would at once be.

Quite true.

Then the one which is not, if it is to maintain itself, must have

the being of not-being as the bond of not-being, just as being must

have as a bond the not-being of not-being in order to perfect its

own being; for the truest assertion of the being of being and of the

not-being of not being is when being partakes of the being of being,

and not of the being of not-being-that is, the perfection of being;

and when not-being does not partake of the not-being of not-being

but of the being of not-being-that is the perfection of not-being.

Most true.

Since then what is partakes of not-being, and what is not of

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