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one that is not becomes and is destroyed, and neither becomes nor is



And now, let us go back once more to the beginning, and see

whether these or some other consequences will follow.

Let us do as you say.

If one is not, we ask what will happen in respect of one? That is

the question.


Do not the words "is not" signify absence of being in that to

which we apply them?

Just so.

And when we say that a thing is not, do we mean that it is not in

one way but is in another? or do we mean, absolutely, that what is not

has in no sort or way or kind participation of being?

Quite absolutely.

Then, that which is not cannot be, or in any way participate in


It cannot.

And did we not mean by becoming, and being destroyed, the assumption

of being and the loss of being?

Nothing else.

And can that which has no participation in being, either assume or

lose being?


The one then, since it in no way is, cannot have or lose or assume

being in any way?


Then the one that is not, since it in no way partakes of being,

neither nor becomes?


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