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below, is a question which may be argued in this manner: The ancient

doctrine of which I have been speaking affirms that they go from

this into the other world, and return hither, and are born from the

dead. Now if this be true, and the living come from the dead, then our

souls must be in the other world, for if not, how could they be born

again? And this would be conclusive, if there were any real evidence

that the living are only born from the dead; but if there is no

evidence of this, then other arguments will have to be adduced.

That is very true, replied Cebes.

Then let us consider this question, not in relation to man only, but

in relation to animals generally, and to plants, and to everything

of which there is generation, and the proof will be easier. Are not

all things which have opposites generated out of their opposites? I

mean such things as good and evil, just and unjust-and there are

innumerable other opposites which are generated out of opposites.

And I want to show that this holds universally of all opposites; I

mean to say, for example, that anything which becomes greater must

become greater after being less.


And that which becomes less must have been once greater and then

become less.


And the weaker is generated from the stronger, and the swifter

from the slower.

Very true.

And the worse is from the better, and the more just is from the more


Of course.

And is this true of all opposites? and are we convinced that all

of them are generated out of opposites?


And in this universal opposition of all things, are there not also

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