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two intermediate processes which are ever going on, from one to the

other, and back again; where there is a greater and a less there is

also an intermediate process of increase and diminution, and that

which grows is said to wax, and that which decays to wane?

Yes, he said.

And there are many other processes, such as division and

composition, cooling and heating, which equally involve a passage into

and out of one another. And this holds of all opposites, even though

not always expressed in words-they are generated out of one another,

and there is a passing or process from one to the other of them?

Very true, he replied.

Well, and is there not an opposite of life, as sleep is the opposite

of waking?

True, he said.

And what is that?

Death, he answered.

And these, then, are generated, if they are opposites, the one

from the other, and have there their two intermediate processes also?

Of course.

Now, said Socrates, I will analyze one of the two pairs of opposites

which I have mentioned to you, and also its intermediate processes,

and you shall analyze the other to me. The state of sleep is opposed

to the state of waking, and out of sleeping waking is generated, and

out of waking, sleeping, and the process of generation is in the one

case falling asleep, and in the other waking up. Are you agreed

about that?

Quite agreed.

Then suppose that you analyze life and death to me in the same

manner. Is not death opposed to life?


And they are generated one from the other?


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