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Works by Plato
Pages of republic (books 6 - 10)

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republic (books 6 - 10)   

And the lustful and tyrannical desires are, as we saw, at
the greatest distance?

And the royal and orderly desires are nearest?


Then the tyrant will live at the greatest distance from true
or natural pleasure, and the king at the least?


But if so, the tyrant will live most unpleasantly, and the
king most pleasantly?


Would you know the measure of the interval which sepa-
rates them?

Will you tell me?

There appear to be three pleasures, one genuine and two
spurious: now the transgression of the tyrant reaches a point
beyond the spurious; he has run away from the region of
law and reason, and taken up his abode with certain slave
pleasures which are his satellites, and the measure of his in-
feriority can only be expressed in a figure.

How do you mean?

I assume, I said, that the tyrant is in the third place from
the oligarch; the democrat was in the middle?


And if there is truth in what has preceded, he will be
wedded to an image of pleasure which is thrice removed as
to truth from the pleasure of the oligarch?

He will.

And the oligarch is third from the royal; since we count
as one royal and aristocratical?

Yes, he is third.

Then the tyrant is removed from true pleasure by the space
of a number which is three times three?


The shadow, then, of tyrannical pleasure determined by the
number of length will be a plane figure.


And if you raise the power and make the plane a solid, there
is no difficulty in seeing how vast is the interval by which
the tyrant is parted from the king.

Yes; the arithmetician will easily do the sum.

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