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animals will not
mix the breed.
Y. Soc. Very true.
Str. And of which has the Statesman charge,-of the mixed or of the
unmixed race?
Y. Soc. Clearly of the unmixed.
Str. I suppose that we must divide this again as before.
Y. Soc. We must.
Str. Every tame and herding animal has now been split up, with the
exception of two species; for I hardly think that dogs should be
reckoned among gregarious animals.
Y. Soc. Certainly not; but how shall we divide the two remaining
Str. There is a measure of difference which may be appropriately
employed by you and Theaetetus, who are students of geometry.
Y. Soc. What is that?
Str. The diameter; and, again, the diameter of a diameter.
Y. Soc. What do you mean?
Str. How does man walk, but as a diameter whose power is two feet?
Y. Soc. Just so.
Str. And the power of the remaining kind, being the power of twice
two feet, may be said to be the diameter of our diameter.
Y. Soc. Certainly; and now I think that I pretty nearly understand
Str. In these divisions, Socrates, I descry what would make
another famous jest.
Y. Soc. What is it?
Str. Human beings have come out in the same class with the freest
and airiest of creation, and have been running a race with them.
Y. Soc. I remark that very singular coincidence.
Str. And would you not expect the slowest to arrive last?
Y. Soc. Indeed I should.
Str. And there is a still more ridiculous consequence,
that the king
is found running about with the herd and in close
competition with the
bird-catcher, who of all mankind is most of an adept at the
airy life.
Y. Soc. Certainly.
Str. Then here, Socrates, is still clearer evidence of the truth
of what was said in the enquiry about the Sophist?
Y. Soc. What?
Str. That the dialectical method is no respecter of persons, and
does not set the great above the small, but always arrives in her
own way at the truest result.
Y. Soc. Clearly.
Str. And now, I will not wait for you to ask the, but will
of my own
accord take you by the shorter road to the definition of a king.
Y. Soc. By all means.
Str. I say that we should have begun at first by dividing land
animals into biped and quadruped; and since the winged herd, and
that alone, comes out in the same class with man, should
divide bipeds
into those which have feathers and those which have not, and
when they
have been divided, and the art of the management of mankind
is brought
to light, the time will have come to produce our Statesman and
ruler, and set him like a charioteer in his place, and hand over to
him the reins of state, for that too is a vocation which belongs to
Y. Soc. Very good; you have paid me the debt-I mean, that you have
completed the argument, and I suppose that you added the

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