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was my superior." "Therefore," rejoined Onomarchus, "now you have
found such a man, why don't you submit quietly to his pleasure?"
When Antigonus resolved to kill Eumenes, he commanded to keep his
food from him, and so with two or three days' fasting he began to
draw near his end; but the camp being on a sudden to remove, an executioner
was sent to despatch him. Antigonus granted his body to his friends,
permitted them to burn it, and having gathered his ashes into a silver
urn, to send them to his wife and children.
Eumenes was thus taken off and Divine Providence assigned to no other
man the chastisement of the commanders and soldiers that had betrayed
him; but Antigonus himself, abominating the Argyraspids as wicked
and inhuman villains, delivered them up to Sibyrtius, the governor
of Arachosia, commanding him by all ways and means to destroy and
exterminate them, so that not a man of them might ever come to Macedon,
or so much as within sight of the Greek Sea.

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