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Oedipus at Colonus   

ANTIGONE Ah, woe is me, they drag me hence, O friends.
OEDIPUS Where art thou, daughter?
ANTIGONE Haled along by force.
OEDIPUS Thy hands, my child!
ANTIGONE They will not let me, father.
CREON Away with her!
OEDIPUS Ah, woe is me, ah woe!
CREON So those two crutches shall no longer serve thee
For further roaming. Since it pleaseth thee
To triumph o'er thy country and thy friends
Who mandate, though a prince, I here discharge,
Enjoy thy triumph; soon or late thou'lt find
Thou art an enemy to thyself, both now
And in time past, when in despite of friends
Thou gav'st the rein to passion, still thy bane.
CHORUS Hold there, sir stranger!
CREON Hands off, have a care.
CHORUS Restore the maidens, else thou goest not.
CREON Then Thebes will take a dearer surety soon;
I will lay hands on more than these two maids.
CHORUS What canst thou further?
CREON Carry off this man.
CHORUS Brave words!
CREON And deeds forthwith shall make them good.
CHORUS Unless perchance our sovereign intervene.
OEDIPUS O shameless voice! Would'st lay an hand on me?
CREON Silence, I bid thee!
OEDIPUS Goddesses, allow
Thy suppliant to utter yet one curse!
Wretch, now my eyes are gone thou hast torn away
The helpless maiden who was eyes to me;
For these to thee and all thy cursed race
May the great Sun, whose eye is everywhere,
Grant length of days and old age like to mine.
CREON Listen, O men of Athens, mark ye this?
OEDIPUS They mark us both and understand that I
Wronged by the deeds defend myself with words.
CREON Nothing shall curb my will; though I be old
And single-handed, I will have this man.
OEDIPUS O woe is me!
CHORUS Thou art a bold man, stranger, if thou think'st
To execute thy purpose.
CREON So I do.
CHORUS Then shall I deem this State no more a State.
CREON With a just quarrel weakness conquers might.
OEDIPUS Ye hear his words?
CHORUS Aye words, but not yet deeds,
Zeus knoweth!

CREON Zeus may haply know, not thou.
CHORUS Insolence!
CREON Insolence that thou must bear.
CHORUS Haste ye princes, sound the alarm!
Men of Athens, arm ye, arm!
Quickly to the rescue come
Ere the robbers get them home. (Enter THESEUS)

THESEUS Why this outcry? What is forward? wherefore was I called
From the altar of Poseidon, lord of your Colonus? Say!
On what errand have I hurried hither without stop or stay.
OEDIPUS Dear friend-those accents tell me who thou art-
Yon man but now hath done me a foul wrong.

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