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Oedipus at Colonus   

ANTIGONE Ah whither turn, O Zeus? No ray
Of hope to cheer the way
Whereon the fates our desperate voyage urge. (Enter THESEUS)
THESEUS Dry your tears; when grace is shed
On the quick and on the dead
By dark Powers beneficent,
Over-grief they would resent.

ANTIGONE Aegeus' child, to thee we pray.
THESEUS What the boon, my children, say.
ANTIGONE With our own eyes we fain would see
Our father's tomb.
THESEUS That may not be.
ANTIGONE What say'st thou, King?
THESEUS My children, he
Charged me straitly that no moral
Should approach the sacred portal,
Or greet with funeral litanies
The hidden tomb wherein he lies;
Saying, «If thou keep'st my hest
Thou shalt hold thy realm at rest.»
The God of Oaths this promise heard,
And to Zeus I pledged my word.

ANTIGONE Well, if he would have it so,
We must yield. Then let us go
Back to Thebes, if yet we may
Heal this mortal feud and stay
The self-wrought doom
That drives our brothers to their tomb.

THESEUS Go in peace; nor will I spare
Ought of toil and zealous care,
But on all your needs attend,
Gladdening in his grave my friend.

CHORUS Wail no more, let sorrow rest,
All is ordered for the best.


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