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Pages of History of The Peloponnesian War - Book VI

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History of The Peloponnesian War - Book VI   

About the same time in this summer, the Lacedaemonians invaded Argos
with their allies, and laid waste most of the country. The Athenians
went with thirty ships to the relief of the Argives, thus breaking
their treaty with the Lacedaemonians in the most overt manner. Up to
this time incursions from Pylos, descents on the coast of the rest
of Peloponnese, instead of on the Laconian, had been the extent of
their co-operation with the Argives and Mantineans; and although the
Argives had often begged them to land, if only for a moment, with
their heavy infantry in Laconia, lay waste ever so little of it with
them, and depart, they had always refused to do so. Now, however,
under the command of Phytodorus, Laespodius, and Demaratus, they
landed at Epidaurus Limera, Prasiae, and other places, and plundered
the country; and thus furnished the Lacedaemonians with a better
pretext for hostilities against Athens. After the Athenians had
retired from Argos with their fleet, and the Lacedaemonians also,
the Argives made an incursion into the Phlisaid, and returned home
after ravaging their land and killing some of the inhabitants.

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