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Pages of History of The Peloponnesian War - Book VIII

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History of The Peloponnesian War - Book VIII   

for them to bear, they expelled his garrison from their citadel.
Tissaphernes, upon hearing of this act of the Peloponnesians in
addition to what had occurred at Miletus and Cnidus, where his
garrisons had been also expelled, now saw that the breach between them
was serious; and fearing further injury from them, and being also
vexed to think that Pharnabazus should receive them, and in less
time and at less cost perhaps succeed better against Athens than he
had done, determined to rejoin them in the Hellespont, in order to
complain of the events at Antandros and excuse himself as best he
could in the matter of the Phoenician fleet and of the other charges
against him. Accordingly he went first to Ephesus and offered
sacrifice to Artemis....
[When the winter after this summer is over the twenty-first year
of this war will be completed.]


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