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Here you can find all the texts, included in our collection for the selected category.
On the Sophists by Alcidamas
Prior Analytics - Book II by Aristotle
Categories by Aristotle
History of Animals by Aristotle
Metaphysics by Aristotle
Meteorology by Aristotle
Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle
On Dreams by Aristotle
On Generation and corruption by Aristotle
On Interpratation by Aristotle
On Longevity And Shortness Of Life by Aristotle
On Memory And Reminiscense by Aristotle
On Sense And The Sensible by Aristotle
On Sleep And Sleeplessness by Aristotle
On Sophistical Refutations by Aristotle
On The Gait Of Animals by Aristotle
On The Generation Of Animals by Aristotle
On The Heavens by Aristotle
On The Motion Of Animals by Aristotle
On The Soul by Aristotle
On Prophesying By Dreams by Aristotle
On The Parts Of Animals by Aristotle
Physics by Aristotle
Poetics by Aristotle
Politics by Aristotle
Posterior Analytics by Aristotle
Prior Analytics - Book I by Aristotle
Rhetoric by Aristotle
The Athenian Constitution by Aristotle
Topics by Aristotle
On Youth And Old Age, On Life And Death, On Breathing by Aristotle
Discourses - Book II by Epictetus
Discourses - Book III by Epictetus
Discourses - Book IV by Epictetus
Discourses - Book I by Epictetus
Golden Sayings by Epictetus
The Enchiridion by Epictetus
Epicurus letter to Menoeceus by Epicurus
Epicurus principal doctrines by Epicurus
laws (books 7 - 12) by Plato
republic (books 1 - 5) by Plato
laws (books 1 - 6) by Plato
republic (books 6 - 10) by Plato
gorgias by Plato
timaeus by Plato
theaetetus by Plato
phaedo by Plato
philebus by Plato
statesman by Plato
phaedrus by Plato
protagoras by Plato
sophist by Plato
symposium by Plato
parmenides by Plato
the seventh letter by Plato
meno by Plato
euthydemus by Plato
cratylus by Plato
apology by Plato
charmides,-or-temperance by Plato
laches,-or-courage by Plato
lysis,-or-friendship by Plato
critias by Plato
euthyphro by Plato
crito by Plato
ion by Plato
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